Offset printing

Buck Press offers an amazing selection of printing solutions developed with our clients over the past 30 years. For most of that time, we were an offset printing pioneer in Ghana. The company specializes in offset lithographic printing to produce high quality products. The graphic design unit under the Prepress section uses modern and sophisticated software such as the Adobe Suite. We produce high quality artworks which are colour separated into C, M, Y, K unto thermal plates using the computer- to-plate technology to produce consistent, cost effective and error free images to be transferred unto paper/card during printing.

The Graphic Design Department under the Pre- Press section is equipped with Apple Computers (iMac) which is used to design artworks that have sharp quality and high colour resolution.

At the press level we have Heidelberg speedmaster machines installed and are able to meet all your printing needs. 

If it has ink on it, we can help. Call us today!