Enriching the Ghanaian literary heritage

Buck Press Publishing is the newest addition to the ever-growing Buck Press brand. We seek to publish exciting, relevant and enduring authors. We aim to produce books with a unique and engaging voice that inspire, educate, instruct and entertain readers. The mission of Buck Press Publishing is to delight and inspire readers, contribute significantly to the cultural life of our society and enrich our literary heritage. We aim to produce books that demonstrate imaginative thinking, ingenuity in the art of writing and that capture the Ghanaian/African voice.

Over the years we have grown our portfolio to include three major areas:

Educational books

The books are developed from the new Standard-based NaCCA Curriculum. The activities are engaging, and developed in a fun, systematic, simple yet challenging way, to sustain the interest of young learners. The educational books employ child-centered techniques like rhymes, songs and interactions with self, the immediate environment and the global environment.

Buck Series (Activity Books)

Buck Series books are activity-based books. These activities call for the children to observe, analyse, identify, reason, evaluate and make decisions.The activities have been carefully formulated to enhance lateral thinking and improve cognitive abilities. 

Under this belt we have:

Story books

The range of story books seeks to nurture the habit of reading in children by providing them with interesting, intriguing and fun-filled fiction stories. These stories also aid in the moral upbringing of these young ones. 

The titles are: